Replace Speaker Drivers In Pairs...Or At All?

When replacing a damaged driver (say a midrange in your right speaker), is it best to also replace the opposite driver (in this case the midrange in the left speaker) at the same time...even if the other driver is not damaged in any way? I mean, if money was no object, I suppose one could argue a reason to do this. However, I am already facing an expensive proposition as it is! The speakers are about 10 years old and are in otherwise great shape. They are KEF 104.2 Reference speakers and one of the midrange speaker baffels was damaged in shipment. The subsequent repair process resulted in some lacquer overspray getting on the rubber surrounds of a midrange. It sounds OK, but who knows long term? Apparently, replacement baffels with the midrange drivers permenantly mounted are still available, but I'm afraid of upsetting the sound as it is now. And to replace the midrange baffels on BOTH speakers, would almost double what I already have in them already. So, the benifit would be a speaker in like new condition, but who knows about the sound? Of course, the tweeter and bass units would continue to be the originals.

What a dilemma!


Sure one would want to replace both. If money is a big thing,just do the one. Break it in separately for 200/300 hrs. Then see how well they match. Of course if there is a mismatch, then you'll have to do the second one. Lacking the patience; I'd do both at once.
I once borrowed an amp and connected it up to just the woofers of my Logans. And the amp was faulty taking out one of the woofers. Martin Logan, being fabulous people, replaced both woofers saying "don't even think about replacing just one!" and did so at no charge to me at all. So Martin Logan definitely agrees with Avguy.
Thanks for the info! I think I see where this is going....