Replace Sony SCD-1 with Cambridge for CD

Anybody have an alternative high end cd to the sony for 2 channel cd playback
How do the cambridge stack up?
Are you unhappy with it's red book play back?
The Sony SCD-1 is a classic, especially if it's not modded, and if you have the original box and manual.

I think you'd be nuts to sell it in favor of a Cambridge CD player.

If you want a different sound, then consider buying a DAC and using the SCD-1 as a transport.
The Cambridge is half a stack of the SCD-1 as Tvad suggests.Carry on,Bob
Answer to Schipo-Yes i would like better sound from redbook with the upsampling technology
There has always been debate about upsampling's benefits, or lack thereof.
Recently, the pendulum seems to be swinging toward non upsampling as being
more true to redbook recordings.

Only you can determine which you will prefer.

There are many upsampling DACs that could be used with the SCD-1.

But, if you want to sell the Sony and buy something else, then that's your
Tvad is correct, it is indeed a classic and may someday increase in value. If you choose to hold equipment for that end, this is a great piece.

I modified my SCD-1 years ago and have not yet felt I am lacking anything in Redbook to any player I have heard. I would consider the mod's too in your list of choices.

For me it remains the best money spent on my system and should keep you current for a long time to come. Eventually we will see newer better technology that is worth the money, but this remains a top shelf unit, stock and even better modified.

I am with Jadem6 and Tvad however modding the player will decrease its value going forward (IMO)....if you are concerned with that..if not then modding is the way to go.........
In playing CD or SACD on my ole SCD-1, I used to load the disc and had to take a "lunch" while it thinks about playing music...and playing it eventually. Other than that, it was a great player.
would you think the basic link dac circa 1999 would be better than the Sony scd-1 internal dac?
you might find a few relevant thoughts on this thread...
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