Replace Revel Ultima Studio with Magneplanar 3.7i (???)

My Revel Studios, part of an all Ultima 5.1 surround system (Voice, Embrace, Sub30, rest below), are getting on in years and I've been thinking about replacing them. My prior speakers, about 15 years ago (wow!) were MG-2.7s which I liked very much, but were limited in bass extension and (home theater style) volume.

I'm considering the 3.7i, but it's a pretty big change in design philosophy. While I can hear them at a local dealer, it's obviously much more cumbersome to audition at home so looking for anyone that has experience, advice or just thoughts about this particular direction. The rest of the system is staying put (for now), including the center, surrounds and sub. 

Thanks, and happy listening. Chris V

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You might also want to demo the new PerformaBE series as well. You might end up liking them enough to stay with Revel...
The new Revel f228 be is outstanding, I have been listening to Revel since the day they came out and the new technology is a breakthrough at its price point. Not a single person who has come over to hear them hasn't just been bowled over by their performance. 
I think the comment, "you sort of sound like you are bored more than anything else" is right on the mark. My Revels are, indeed, wonderful speakers. Maybe a new amp... 

Thanks for all of your responses!