Replace RCA connectors

I recently purchased an Rotel RA 1210 and want to replace the RCA connectors. Can anyone recommend a good resource for parts and info?

Parts Connection ,,,,,,
A quick internet search will send you to dozens of sources.
FIRST you should look inside the case. If the RCA are soldered directly on a cicuit board is is MUCH harder to replace them. Better to check now, before buying the pile of female RCAs and THEN finding out you can't do it.
1) assume you have soldering expertise?
2) do you need PCB or chassis mounted connectors?
3) will you need replacement coaxial or straight wiring?
4) consider what wire and solder would you use exactly?
5) WBT's are a bit pricey for this application. Consider Cardas or Kimber connectors. Michael Percy Audio is another vendor possibility. Or perhaps have it done by a local tech at an audio shop.
WBT manufactures RCA jacks for chassis and PCB mounting, that make installation in MOST gear a breeze. Been there, done that, numerous times. There ARE pieces of equipment out there that are exceptions, however. Definitely open your chassis and confirm that the RCA jacks' connections are accessable(IF you haven't already). I've also used Vampire RCA jacks(less costly), with excellent results. DON'T buy anything made in China, Taiwan, etc or you may end up in worse shape than you started. Here are some sources and part numbers: ( ) ( ( Page 3, here: (