Replace pre-amp

I have a Lazurus cascade tube pre-amp. I like the sound but one channel gain is lower than the other and I don't know if a fix is cost effective or not? Yes, I've tried different tubes. Any recommendations on a tube pre-amp with phono stage for $1500 or less that would be as musical as the Lazurus? Thanks. I have an SS Oddysey Stratus extreme amp, Nestorovic 5 AS speakers and a Marantz 2400 sacd/cd player.
I would fix it if I liked it; would be much cheaper than searching for a new one. I would at least get a diagnosis and estimate before I abandoned it.
It might be your speakers. Nestorovics are quite old. Do the woofers have foam surrounds on them? If so there toast unless you have had them repaired. Try switching speakers?
I already replaced the foam around the woofers. I don't think it's the speakers. They both sound great and when I changed the balance of the pre-amp they both sounded equally loud and the music still sounds very good. Yes, before I buy I will get the pre-amp checked out to see if it can be fixed but with a new amp and cd player I'm kinda looking at a possible upgrade with the pre-amp too. You know that upgrade bug.
Check out Rogue audio. They make nice tube preamps with phono in your price range.
BTW the model is the Perseaus $1895 new. There are a few listed here used for a lot less.