replace Polk 5Jr with Dali Zensor 3? Yes, a budget question...

I bought the 5jrs in 1992 and they have traveled with me everywhere (including SE Asia). I upgraded the woofers with some Peerless woofers that work perfectly and sound great.

I have them hooked up to a Dayton DTA120 amp with a Partsexpress subwoofer. I think they sound quite detailed.

I also have a pair of PSB Alpha Bs hooked up to the same system but the 5jrs sound much fuller and detailed. Are my ears crazy?

However, I would like to hear some opinions about upgrading these bookshelf speakers. How much has technology changed since the Polk 5jrs?

Would a pair of Dali Zensor 3s sound better? I can't audition them, just buy them on Amazon or something.


The Dali Zensor 3 would be way better...and the Zensor 1 would be better too...