Replace Parsound Z-pre with what?

I am looking to replace my Parasound Z-pre preamplifier with a more transparent, better detail and soundstaging unit. I am looking tubes or SS. I am looking to still have a remote control. Please list some models that will perform much better than the Z-pre and I'll take those into consideration. I am looking for one of those "best preamps for under $1000 used, or let alone if tubes, best sounding preamp under $3000, if tubes were rolled". But I'm looking to spend around $500-750 max. I hope you know what I mean. I would be looking on Audigon, and not new.

I need atleast 5 inputs, 1 output, remote control,and must not be higher than 4" tall.

My rest of equipment that I have now that will be used with the next preamp:

Heart CD-6000 w/Siemens 7308 gold pins
Stereolink 1200 (320kbps MP3's)
Toshiba VCR, and DVD (I hardly use these)
McCormack DNA-225
Paradigm Studio Reference 80's Ver1 (for now)
All Signalcable IC's, PC's, and Speaker cables!

Thanks for any suggestions.
In my opinion the MFA Magus preamp, Audible Illusions early Modulus series, and Counterpoint SA-3000, would be your best bet for sonics in your price range. These may require replacing the capacitors for best performance, since they are all older models from the late 80's or early 90's. All of them are tube units, with no remote, but will provide excellent sound quality for that money. Replacing the capacitors is easy if you can solder, and there is alot of info on rolling the tubes with these preamps. I have a MFA Magus with the caps replaced with REL caps, and Wonder Caps, Cardas Jacks, Cardas wiring, and Amperex NOS tubes. It is a serious preamp. I gave $700 for it used, and freshly modded by the seller, who was a dealer, with a 1 year warranty. And he also gave me a guaranteed trade-in value of what I paid him for it towards anything higher in his line. Bob Bergner at RB Audio was the dealer.
The John Curl designed Parasound P/LD-2000 is an excellent preamp. It meets all your criteria and is a Class-A, dual-mono design using all discrete circuitry and high quality parts. I am using one in a much more expensive system than the one you list and it has dethroned several more expensive preamps (including a $4000 tube model). It provides all the features you asked for including remote control and can be had for $500 or less on the used market. I'd say it's a real no-brainer... I have also used the highly regarded Adcom GFP-750 and do not believe it performed as well in several parameters, but it is in your price range and would also meet your requirements.