Replace or Repair Adcom GFA-565's

The other day I put up a post about the "Adcom GFA-565's with cancer of the Driver PCB". I have been kicking thoughts around for the last few days, pondering, what do I do, repair these these Adcom GFA-565's, or replace with either of these: Adcom GFA-5802 or Rotel RB-1080. Sonically which is better from other user's experiences??? I can get these monoblocks repaired for about the same as the price of a used GFA 5802 or the Rotel RB-1080. The selection of whichever I decide to do will be running a pair of Infinity Kappa 8.1's which can handle 300w rms. I am really having a difficult time making a decision here. ANYONE have any suggestions? Any help is appreciated.
Go for the Rotel RB1080 IMO.
Why do you say the Rotel? What is "IMO"? I have read the reviews several times comparing the Adcom GFA-5802 against Rotel RB-1080. They both sound like really good amps. The 5802's have a tendency to run hot and do not have a 12v trigger for remote. The 1080, it seems like that I read somewhere that these get hot, too. Adcom runs 300wpc the Rotel 200wpc (Stereophile tested this in 2002 at 291wpc into 8ohms). Thanks
I went from the monoblocks to a Classe 15(175 watts)which was a big improvemment and had the bass of the KSA-250. It also has a better build quality.
I had a pair of 565's for 7 or 9 yrs and since that time, have had over 10 amps in my system. I now run BAT amps.

If you're going to get them repaired, you might want to get them upgraded at the same time.
If you intend on keeping them stock I might go Rotel. If you mod them they will be in another class. I think you will have a very fine pair of amps.