Replace my Usher be718 ?

May want to replace my Usher be718 Beryllium bookshelfs, what would you look at in the $3 thousand range. In that price range the Usher is best I've heard... but always looking to improve..not enough room for floor models. Speakers not in a shelf, but close to corners of the room...
If you're willing to try a small floorstander then I'd recommend trying the Devore Super 8s. In standmount I'd recommend Dynaudio Contour S1.4, PMC TB2i, Fritz Carbon 7, or Volent VL-2.
My friend Bill has those and they have one of the smoothest midranges around, with fantastic bass and treble. I doubt you will find a better stand mount than those for $3k. I'd spend the money on upgrading to the diamond tweeters. Is there an area that you feel they are lacking that you want to improve...or just have upgrade fever? Which we all understand. :-)

Keslerd, We can't have it both ways. Those who want second hand speakers pressupose that sombody else want to get read of his. I am sure you will make sombody else happy with your Usher BE 718. I am happy with my BE-20 btw.

I have owned the BE718 as well as the Dynaudio S1.4's. I am much happier with the Dynaudio speakers. To my ears the Ushers can be fatiguing after just a few hours of listening. The S1.4's have better detail than the Users but are never fatiguing. I feel the bass is a tad better on the Dynaudio's as well.
Agree with Jasper.

The Ushers are dry and lifeless.

In the 3000 range you might find a set of Dynaudio C1s used those sound pretty good.
Maybe Merlin would work for you.
If you are looking for 2nd hand speakers then you should have quite a few options:

Focal: Micro Utopia, Micro Utopia Be and Electra 1007/1008 Be
Dynaudio: Confidence C1 mk1, Contour S1.4, Confidence C3
Wilson Cub, Sonus Faber Cremona M, B&W 805

On the other, if you prefer to buy new then you do not have that many choices (if any).

Audiofeil are u referring to the many many Taiwan direct import specimens floating around or the ones with the better crossover aka the non-gray market imports?
I have listened to both and they sound completely different from each other.
I bet the ushers are power hogs simply because the cheapie inductors used for the woofers are quite lossy.
I've found a pair of Harbeth 7es-3... most likely will make an offer... thanks for the response....
can a pair of usher diamond tweeters be purchased and dropped in as a replacement?
What kind of music do you listen to and what are your electronics like?
Mboldada 1, 'Can a pair of usher diamond...?' Yes . But as
the earlier tweeters are not beryllium the 'diamond' are
not diamond. To exchange them make no sense at all. The
so called 'beryllium' tweeters are excelent so no need to
mess with tweeters. In my BE 20 I prefer 'beryllium' above
'diamond'. I assume that the BE-20's are individualy 'tuned' with cross-over components. Ie the produced tweeters have some variations(+/-3dB) so they need to be adjusted to the intended specifications. This can only be done with cross-over corrections. To exchange
one tweeter for some other is not as simple as some think.
Maineiac... My two favorite musical instruments are the female voice the acoustic guitar, with the dobro leading the way...
Given what you said, I would concur that the Devore Super 8s should be auditioned.
Nvp suggested the B&W 805's. I am trying to decide between the Be718's and B&W 805's (both used) to upgrade from my B&W LCR 6's.

Tough call OP.