Replace my Technics SH-10B3 Obsidian SP10 base?

Has anyone compared the sonics of the Technics SP-10 in its original SH-10B3 Obsidian base versus one of the custom wooden bases being offered?

My stock base is in nice condition, but I'd consider a custom base if the performance will change for the better.
Can't offer my own comparisons, but take a look at the info here:

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You can buy slate, and have a local water jet place cut it for you. That will be a big improvement. Another idea is to have a Panzerholtz plinth made. Some people believe this is a better solution.

The thing about plinths is that there is no end to the possibilities, and the SP-10 is open to all of them.
i've owned both the SP-10 Mk2 and SP-10 Mk3, both with the Obsidian plinths. i had Steve Dobbins build both of these tt's new plinths....and i sold the Obsidian plinths and never looked back. i've since sold the Mk2 but still have (and love) the Dobbin's plinth'd Mk3.

i highly recommend Mr. Dobbins plinth's; however there are quite a few other very very good choices.

there are a number of plinth makers as well as a ton of info out there on plinth building for the SP-10. my opinion is that until you move on from the Obsidian plinth you won't know what your SP-10 can do.
JB, Technics offered three plinths over time for the SP-10 Mk 2 and 3 series
motor units. Yours, the SH-10B3 was the lightest at 26.5 lbs. Next, the SH-
10B5 weighed about 38 lbs. and the last one offered, the SH-10B7 was 42
lbs. I can't be certain of this but it makes sense that the Technics engineers
discovered that more mass helped performance, thus increased the weight of
their plinths over time. But I should mention that more mass was needed for
the Mk 3 since it has more torque.

I have read elsewhere that around 45 lbs. should be considered the minimum
weight when building a plinth for a Mk 2 or 3. Look at the weight of your
plinth and draw your own conclusions.