Replace my Quad 9805s

I'm looking for suggestions for speakers to replace my Quad 2805s.  I live 300 miles from the nearest audio dealer so, dropping by from time to time is not an option.

I really like my Quads.  I had them completely rebuilt by Kent at Electrostatic Solutions a year ago with all the options.  Quads need a lot of room and with the kids out of the house we're going to downsize a bit.  Think a listening room around 15x20.

I have found the Quads are really special with acoustic music, vocals and jazz.  Not so good for Frank Zappa.  I would really appreciate your input although I know that threads like these are far too common.

I have considered the Sonus Faber Olympica III, Focal 1028, and Golden Ear Triton 1.  I've never heard them, just read reviews.

For power I have a PrimaLuna Dialogue HP I want to keep. 

Thanks in advance,

Keep the Quads until you move into your new housing and then re-evaluate.
Jantzen za 2.1 similar midrange and treble better bass and a more focused but smaller soundstage.

Fantastic speakers must get with the air option.
Also the Jantzen are not a diapole so they can work in any size room and they are physically small also they sound great with tubes.

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Ask for Dave he owned the Quad ESL 63 so kinda of knows quads.