Replace my LLano?

I currently have a LLano CAS-300. I love the amp but I can't find anyone to service it. I use it to run a pair of modified maggie 1.5s
Looking for suggestions on a replacement for my LLano. Preferably similar design (tube pre-stage) and under 2500.00
new or used.
There is the Conrad Johnson EV-2000 on Audiogon for $2300.

Other Hybrids would be Blue Circle, Tenor or Lamm. All are more $$$ though.
Van Alstine 550 is 2,200, 250wpc doubles into four ohms.
Better open your pocket book wide 'cause it's not going to be cheap to "replace". Anyway, there are not many parts and the build is very simple and directon this amp. I have an a-200 that is simply very musical and accurate. Did it break yet?