Replace My Anthem CD1?

I'm considering replacing my Anthem CD1 (tubed output stage) with the new OPPO 95. I've had the Anthem modded (upgraded capcitors, resistors and tube) and I LOVE the convenience of this built-like-a-tank 6 disc changer. I'm considering the OPPO 95 because it can play ANY format including hi-res FLAC files which I can download and burn to a DVD disc. Because of Blu-Ray it can also double as my DVD Player for home theater and because of the connection options I can use it at will in either my 2 channel stereo or my 5.1 theater systems . The versatility is just what I'm looking for.

My big concern is build and sound quality vs. the Anthem. I know the 95 is considered OPPO's audiophile version with new DAC's, but I'm not sure how big an improvement (if any) I'll be getting sound wise. I would appreciate any comments from those of you "in the know"!

OBW: The rest of my 2 channel system consists of McCormack DNA 500 amp, CJ ET3-SE pre and Aerial 10t speakers.
Why not concider buying a new DAC that has USB inputs so you wont have to burn the FLAC to DVD ?
Just a thought.
I have the new Oppo BDP-95 and grateful to have received an early sample. That being said, it is "just acceptable" sound on CD and SACD, nothing more.

It's wonderful on Blue Ray and DVD images, the best I've seen. Overall, the chassis workmanship is excellent, including fit, finish and styling. The photos on the Oppo site don't do it justice.

It's easy to set it up and it links up with your wireless via pass code, will auto update as needed and delivers Netflix and Blockbuster on demand.

Overall I'm very impressed and would buy it again. My critique of sound may be due to over expectation, it's inexpensive and designed primarily for HT application in spite of it's promise to deliver audiophile sound.