Replace Levinson 5-way binding post?

I recently purchased a used ML No. 23.5 amp. To my dismay, the 5-way posts had been damaged by the use of pliers from a prior owner. I would like to replace them. Does anyone out there have experience with this? I don't want to send the unit back to Madrigal. It functions fine. Madrigal uses cheap plastic posts and there are better quality posts available such as those from Cardas. Does anybody out there know if these will work? What type of solder is best? Are there other good 5-way posts out there that would work?

Please help!


For solder, the best is quadutectic solder from Cardas. It makes the best airtight join.
Thanks! Is it easy to work with? What sould I use to remove the flux?
Agree with TImo, and would like to add that TRT Wonder Solder is great sounding solder too.

Either plated or un-plated Cardas should perform better than the original posts. I prefer un-plated and have installed them on every piece of equipment I own.

As to your question about removing flux. Radio Shack has a spray that is very effective and likely available near your home. I suggest you spray on to a Q-Tip swab after the work is cool, carefully cleaning until the residue is removed. Good luck with your project.
Thanks for the advice!!