Replace Krell Showcase Preamp mode with 280P?

Hello All,

I'm in the market for a 2ch preamp for my Krell 300cx and Proac Response 3.8 speakers.

Currently I'm using the Krell Showcase Pre/Pro in preamp mode for 2ch playback, but would like to incorporate a dedicated 2 channel preamp to gain some sonic improvement over the Showcase’s preamp mode. Theatre throughput would be a bonus, but not essential.

Currently I'm contemplating the Krell 280P, has anyone compared this 280P against the Showcase PrePro in preamp mode?

I would also like to hear the KAV280p preamp. But I can tell you that I just went from my Showcase Processor's preamp mode back to my Krell KRC3 preamp and I am SHOCKED at how truly awful the Showcase is as a preamp! The KRC3 does everything better (imaging, soundstaging, detail,) but most noticable is the dynamics. The KRC3 is so effortless and powerful. The Showcase sounds practically broken in comparison - it is so soft and wimpy and lacks focus. It's a great surround sound processor, but it just doesn't cut it as a stereo preamp. And for what it cost, I am very disappointed in this discovery.
David you have a 2 channel preamp that retails for $3500 and a 7 chn preamp with video switching, onscreen display, dsp on board for 4k..Sounds like two totally different critters to me. And two different pieces of equipment directed towards two different customers with two different goals..I have sold both of these products in the past..They were intended by design and price, each to engage a different clientel..Tom
I agree that the Showcase was not designed to be a high-end preamp. And I wasn't expecting it be as good as the KRC3. However, what I wasn't expecting in this price range was for it be this poor. Especially when Krell went to the trouble to include a preamp mode which bypasses all the digital circuitry. You would expect a Krell product to at least sound good - this is barely serviceable. How nice it would be to have a processor which is also a great 2 channel preamp. (The HTS7.1 isn't any better in preamp mode, I auditioned it first.) After all, it touts 7 channel output for high-resolution audio sources such as SACD and DVD-A. I suspect you aren't going to be able to hear much difference between SACD and CD through this processor. It just doesn't have the resolution or dynamics. Again, I am very, very disappointed.