Replace Kimber 4vs with...?

That's the question. I've had this set of Kimber 4vs in biwire configuration for around 20 years, and during that period everything else in my system has changed one or more times. I run Mogami 2534 interconnects throughout and am considering going with their 3104 speaker cable. What other options in the under $200 range should I consider?
I'm sure you'll get 1001 different opinions but my 2 cents is your 4vs would be pretty hard to beat at the sub $200 mark. If you like you current Kimber's I'd suggest looking for some used 8TS. They'll run a touch more than $200 but are certainly a step up and are (IMHO) one of best lower priced speaker cables out there.
Thanks Mcslipp. Do you mean 8TC? I couldn't find 8TS anywhere.
I second the 8TC at that price level, especially since you seem to like the Kimber house sound. It's a nice cable.
I had the 8TC and it was OK. I prefer Audioquest Type 6 or Type 8. Its also less expensive than the Kimber. I haven't heard them myself, but a lot of people seem to be very happy with Morrow cables. They have a good return policy, so there doesn't appear to be much risk in trying them.
Somewhere I read that the 8TC can be a bit "harder" in the midrange than, say, the 8VS. Does that jibe with the experience that any of you have had?
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Somewhere I read that the 8TC can be a bit "harder" in the midrange than, say, the 8VS. Does that jibe with the experience that any of you have had? "

Its hard to take other peoples opinions on stuff like this. As with most stranded copper cables, the 8TC is a little rough around the edges. I have no idea if you'll have the same experience, but you may.
Kimber 4TC remains an excellent choice especially in a double run arrangement. I'm curious how long the cables are?? Some cables do better than others if longer distances are the issue.
You might want to check out the Zu Audio Libtec cables that are available at the Zu Audio eBay store. They auction a couple of new 8ft. & 10ft. pairs each week, and these cable have been well recommended. I have a 10ft. pair coming that I got for less than $170 that should show up this week, along with a set of their Wylde interconnects.
Thanks for the perspective Zd542.

Brauser: I'll be running 10 feet biwired.
At least for the Jazz/Classical acoustic music I listen to,Libtec is unbeatable at anything remotely near the price.
Great SC period, no matter what system or what price.
Duvallite, the one downside of Libtec is it takes about 400 hours IMO to be at its best.I have 3 prs of different length
and trermination.Wylde is about as neutral as it gets.
Both are VERY well made , best buys in audio.
Thanks for the insight, Schubert. I decided to take a chance on the Libtecs after reading one of your posts recommending them on another thread, and then reading many positive comments on other forums. The pricing is certainly right, as I got both the SCs and ICs for $220. Just need to get some quality stand-mount speakers now, and I'm ready to go.
Great, please let us know what you think after awhile.
the 3104 must be an excellent low cost bi-wire cable.
If I had to replace my canare 4s11, that's what I would get. 9awg of good copper total? unbeatable.