replace in wall cables? or not?

Hello all-

I am new to all things audiophile and could use some help with cables/inteconnects. I am setting up a system for a small listening room. The people we bought the house from had a small home theater in this room. There is a cabinet where electronics will go. Inside that cabinet is a plate with posts that connect to wire that runs through the wall. Then there are two plates with posts on the wall to run cables from speaker to the wall.

The equipment is the Creek Evolution 50A amplifier and the 50D CDP when it is released. I will probably use the Epos Elan 10 for speakers, although I am not 100% certain of this yet.

Here is my question: I just figured out the speaker that is in the wall now is 16 gauge monster cable. I am going to be doing some other work in this room that involves cutting into the drywall. Should I replace the wire with better wire? If so, what? I would need both something that works inside the wall, and something for the short runs in between amplifier and the wall and the wall and the speaker. (The run inside the wall is probably around 5 feet on one side and maybe 10-12 feet to the other side.)

My budget would be pretty modest for cables and interconnects. Maybe less than $400.

Or should I not worry about it and leave it alone? If so does it matter what I use to connect the amplifier and the speakers to the wall plate? What I have on hand is Sewell 12 gauge? Would it be better to order the 16 gauge monster cable to match what is inside the wall?

Many many thanks!

You can do much better than Monster Cable. Blue Jeans Cable offers Belden 5000 which is highly regarded and inexpensive; about $1.00/ft. Also it's for in-wall use.

from the website..."UL-listed and NEC-rated for in-wall use."

Also I have found their ICs to be very neutral sounding and a "great bang for the buck." The Blue Jeans LC-1 interconnect with RCAs only costs about $30 for 3 ft.
(And speaker cable-runs should be of equal length, even though yours is a short run.)
Thanks to all who posted in my cable quandary below. Several have pointed out that it is a mistake to run my cables through two sets of connections before my amp gets to my speakers (wall plate inside cabinet and wall plate on wall.)

So I am now thinking I may just drill a little hole in the side of the cabinet and pop out through the drywall and run one cable from amplifier to speaker. This should make things easier.


What's the best sounding cable to match with Creek gear (Evolution 50a amplifier; Evolution 50d cdp; speakers will probably be Epos Elan 10, although they may be Dynaudio Excite x12 or Harbeth P3esr.)?

People have mentioned Belden from Blue Jean, Audioquest Type 4, Morrow Audio (Sp1, Sp2, or Sp3). Anyone have any sense of which of these would be best with Creek? Or are there other cables I should consider? Kimber Kable for example? My budget for cables and interconnects is no more than $400, and I would be okay spending less.

with thanks!
Also consider Belden quad cable available at many places including Blue Jeans cable.
Blue Jeans really is a very good choice.Excellent company to deal with.Other cables in your price range may sound slightly different,but not better IMO.