Replace DVD or add dedicated CD?

I have been upgrading my system the last two months and at this point I'm at the source. I am using Sony DVP-S330 DVD player as both a DVD and CD player. This is a 2.5 year old player. I have a 27" Sony and won't upgrade that for a while.

Since I've been upgrading, I am listening to more music than movies. I've come to realize that with music, the Sony is a bit fatiguing. My question is: do I replace the DVD as an all-in-one player or purchase a separate CD player and keep the Sony for DVD? I am happy with the Sony as a DVD player.

I am trying out a Musical Fidelity A3.2 and it is steps above the Sony. My concern is that I would be missing out on DVD-A and SACD (I don't own any of that media however). I would also be thowing in another piece of equipment to deal with as well. Any thoughts on this?

My setup- B&K ref 20 with AV5000 series II amp, Transparent Music Wave (bi-wire) and Link cables, Shunyata power cables, Boston Acoustics VR speakers. Thanks-
Scrapiron-it might be worthwhile considering a DAC.
A quick search through recent threads should show up DAC's in your price range including the new Musical Fidelity one.
IMHO, even at the upper end of the pricing spectrum, combined players will be highly compromised. Best to keep 'em separate. I have a CEC TL5100Z belt-drvie transport/player for sale. It would be killer to start your serious CD rig. See my ad on AG.
I'd look for a used Muse Model 9 - they go for ridiculously (IMO) low prices and are a DVD player that sounds fabulous on CDs. Reviews are fantastic, my personal experience has been fantastic - highly recommended. And it keeps the number of boxes / $$$ down. -Kirk
You might consider getting a stand alone DAC to improve CD sound. Use the Toslink digital output for DVD surround sound and the coaxial digital out to the DAC and then connect the DAC to one of the analog inputs on your preamp/processor. BelCanto and Perpetual Technologies DACs can be found quite inexpensively on this site.
The laser angles are different for DVDs and CDs, thus a vote for 2 units. Some do have "dual" lasers, but I used to own a sony 3300 and it great on DVDs, not on music. As I've gotten older, I watch more movies. If I didn't, I would get good dedicated transport and seperate d/a converter for music.
I agree with Thsalmon. The Bel Canto DAC-1 is a killer deal at around $400. If you want better DVD and SACD option go for the Sony 9000ES. If you are using the system for music more than HT right now, I highly recommend just getting the Bel Canto DAC-1 for now. It is VERY musical and not at all fatiguing... It's still one of my favorite DACs. The new Cary 303 with HDCD is also very good and has a much better transport than the one in your Sony. The Cary just came out on the market, so it has the latest HDCD chip from Pacific Microsonics and also runs directly to the power amp.
Thanks everyone!

I've had the A3.2 burning in for about 40 hours now and after doing a bunch of A/B comparisons, I haven't been able to notice much of a difference between the two. The Sony was $300 three years ago (and is labeled as having 24/96 DACs) but it is still holding it's own. I think my inital excitement colored my original post.

What gives?

It's not that I don't believe in sonic differences. When I upgraded from my Yamaha reciever to a B&K Ref 20 and amp- I heard a huge difference. The same was true when I upgraded from Audioquest cables to Transparent- it was night and day. Are my expectations too high?

I'm still undecided. I am thinking of the external DAC or auditioning a Rotel RDV-1080 or Pioneer Elite 47a (to get the all in one unit) if I can't hear much of a difference.

I'd second the Bel Canto DAC1, and I'd avoid the Pioneer universal player -- heard there are new models coming out in the next couple of months that may have some type of digital connection for the hi-rez formats. Also, the 47a hasn't gotten the greatest reviews for CD performance, so it may not help you much in that area.

Your cheapest option might be to pick up a Taddeo Passive Digital Antidote II that you can get for around $100. It simply plugs in between the analog outputs of your CD player and the inputs in your preamp, and it is quite effective in lowering the listener fatigue factor caused by some digital front ends. Best of luck.