Replace Classe CA-200 with Pass X350, do it?

Associated equipment: Wadia 850CDP, ARC LS-2B, Thiel 3.6 and Maggie 2.7qr

TIA for your input :-)
Depends on the age and price. >15yo units would need to be serviced and brought back to their original specks for another toll of investment. Units younger than 15yo will also need to be serviced after a while. In both cases count on extra money to spend, if you want to keep your unit safe and in good condition.
Classe is nice but pass labs amps are special.
I have been a Classé guy for many years, and I say GO for it. If/when I ever upgrade, Pass would #1 on my list.
Pass X250, X250.5 or X350.5 for sure. There is significant debate on the X350
The Pass will be a much better match for your 850. Chances are that you may like it better without the ARC in the way.
Thanks guys! I thought it would be tilted towards Pass ;-)

Jl35, why the debate on the X350?
If I had your equipment the power amp would be the next to last item I would change. I think you would a bigger bang for the buck with a better preamp and/or switching to a full ribbon Maggies.
Many Pass fans preferred the 250 to the 350, thought the 350 was not quite right. Many threads here on that.
Normally I would agree with Onhwy61 on the preamp but a Wadia 850 into a Pass amp sounds pretty good. To get a preamp that would sound equal or better would probably cost a lot of money.
Thanks for your feedback and opinions. I took too long to decide and the amp is sold. Too bad as I checked with Pass and that particular amp apparently was a transitional one that had the same output stage as the 0.5 model. I think I will bade my time and wait for a 250.5 or 350.5 (budget permitting) to come along.

Try the Classe' Omega series.