Replace CJ with new equipment

Klipsch Klipschorn Conrad Johnson Premier 11 amp Conrad Johnson PV 12 with phono line pre-amp Would you rehab CJ amp & pre-amp or sell and get new equipment other than CJ. if sell what would you replace CJ with?

Thank You- Damon

Happy Listening!

I sold my CJ 11a and PV12 about a year ago. I found a Lampizator DAC with a volume control straight into the 11a got rid of a thick haze the PV 12 added.  Then sold the 11a when I auditioned a solid state amp (Sanders Magtech) . Speakers are Spendor SP100s. 

I do do not miss the CJ amps, and my system is worlds better with much better resolution and clarity, and still with plenty of texture and warmth. 

correction, the mullards were brought from upscale audio, my bad.
I replaced a CJ Premier 17LS2 linestage to an Aesthetix Calypso (now upgraded to Signature status), a CJ phonostage to an Aesthetix Rhea, and a pair of CJ Premier 12 monoblocks to SET monoblocks (845 outputs, designed and built by a friend).  No regrets.
There isn't a lot wrong with what you have now. The 11 is a good amp (the 11a was an improvement).  You might consider upgrading the preamp (I use a CJ Premier 14).