replace cd player and computer speakers

Excellent Xindak player is beginning to mistrack. The music is rock(/collector item) oriented and it's a VERY small apartment.: say a digital source with small( powered ?)speakers
I'd like something that could also integrate a turntable for similar material on 45/lp 
thank you
it took over 30 years for many of my interests to  appear on cd from the bootleg days in the 70's and they are only now being available on steaming in a quality resolution.
the first step is to seperate the upper  bass from the lower midrange to clear out the haze and provide more detail and forward motion.
I reiterate my above recommendation that will do what you’re looking for and strongly encourage you to get away from cheap, self-powered speakers.  Another thing to consider is speaker placement in your room.  Pulling speakers out another foot or more from the back wall can do wonders for clearing up sound and dramatically improve imaging and soundstage as well. 
and phono section/tt/cartridge ?: that does not exaggerate intraband  surface noise and has good tracking performance? .
Really depends on how serious you are about vinyl. The Decco has a decent MM phono input, and the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon is a good budget table that comes with tonearm and cartridge and is worth a look. I can’t comment on relative performance regarding tracking and surface noise, and you’ll get better recommendations on that in the “Turntables” forum. Also, it’s very helpful for someone trying to make a recommendation to have a dollar amount for budget purposes. Just saying you want the improvements to justify the increased cost doesn’t really help much, especially on this site.