replace cd player and computer speakers

Excellent Xindak player is beginning to mistrack. The music is rock(/collector item) oriented and it's a VERY small apartment.: say a digital source with small( powered ?)speakers
I'd like something that could also integrate a turntable for similar material on 45/lp 
Budget? And what speakers and amp were you using?

Terrific stand-mount / bookshelf active powered speakers with both RCA analogue AND digital inputs AND phono preamp use (for moving-magnet cartridges only) .... just plug in the turntable


Highly recommended 
m 40 audio speakers (the old ones) have the amp inside. The volume control is noisy.
Vanatoo was good at nyc audio show as was the voxativ.I didn't notice room problems.
as for budget, i want the improvements in the source to be audible at a level to justify the increased cost.The room is small.i can't blast out the JBL pros or MBL's i will upgrade the tt ,also from an old technics sl 10 (which is also no longer viable; too much record intertrack noise/can't adjust the tracking above the alleged indicated1.5 gms)...........
I’d ditch the powered speaker thing as it’s very limiting in terms of options if you’re looking for better sound.  You can get a factory-certified Peachtree Decco 125 Sky integrated amp for $599 on eBay that puts out 125Wpc and has a DAC and MM phono input.  Pair this with something like Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 speakers available on Reverb for $299 and you’d have an excellent, space efficient, and very cost-effective system.  All you need is a decent CD transport (such as a Cambridge Audio, Marantz, etc. CD player) and you’re done.  Of course you can also start a hi-res Qobuz subscription for $15/month since the Decco Sky has streaming capability and potentially ditch CDs altogether while also opening up worlds of new music.  Just one option.  Hope this helps, and best of luck in your search. 
thank you
it took over 30 years for many of my interests to  appear on cd from the bootleg days in the 70's and they are only now being available on steaming in a quality resolution.
the first step is to seperate the upper  bass from the lower midrange to clear out the haze and provide more detail and forward motion.