Replace CAL ICON Mk2?

Hi all,
Looking for some input here. I am wondering if anyone has an opinion on the ICON MK2 cd player. I am not unhappy with it, but are the newer players DAC's far superior to the CAL?
It was well received back in the day, but it is getting older. Is the performance of the newer sub $1000 players that much better that it warrants an upgrade? An recommendations on a replacement unit?
I owned this player for a many yrs. It replaced a Denon DCD 1500 II and it was a much nicer sounding player. (The Denon was much quicker to access tracks though.) The Cal had a warmer presentation, very nice midrange, but the bass was muddy. (The "Boss" upgrade probably made the player even better.) I too grew tired of the player. Presently I'm using a Rotel RCD 971 and it is an extremely good sounding player. (Be careful about replacement parts (certain models), some parts are not avaliable any longer from Rotel.) Every system/person's tastes are different, so YMMV. Finally, you may wish to hold on to it just in case....Good Luck!
IMO-you would get better sound from a new cd player-the NAD players offer good sound for the money
I had one for many years. It was good for its day.

There are many sub $1000 players these days that are way better. Cambridge audio or NAD are safe bets. Even my $600 Denon player/recorder, which succeeded the Cal, was (surprisingly) a step up.