replace c-j prem16 mk2.

am down sizing sys.and list this for sale.looking for advice on considering placette rvc,as i only have one source.using marantz sa-1,jc-1 amps,vandersteen 5's.jazz only for late night listening.budget 1500.00 or less,new or used.any suggestions?thanks in advance.
I replaced a C-J LS16 MKII with a Placette Passive Linestage and got better openess and transparency. I was able to listen to music at lower volumes with better musical involvement.

How would you compare the bass of the CJ 16LS to the Placette? Did the sound brighten up overall?

Thanks, -Ryan
I too have a placette passive. For me I got better bass.---Unbelievable; little crappy / cheap looking sucker. How it does what it does--and gives me remote control--I don't have a clue.
The bass was excellent with both but maybe a bit more defined with the Placette. The sound did not brighten up so much as clean up as if I was looking out of a screen door and then replaced the screen with clean glass. I couldn't get the C-J to do proper dynamics and couldn't get past a slightly veiled sound that never allowed me to relax or excite into the music. I found myself always turning up the volume with the C-J just to get closer to the music.

I have to say I did love the remote volume control of the C-J but just had to use it too damn much. The Placette has a good remote but at 1/5 the cost it can't be as solid, etc. Both units' remotes were extremely precise, though. Also, I never did figure out how to read the Placette "volume lights".
__tom; that is top secret---I could tell you but then---you know how that goes.
No, seriously, how do they work? It seemed to be some sort of exponential math equation and as a dyslexic math idiot I could not get a handle on it. Maybe you could just explain it up to the halfway "red" light point and then just beat me half to death?
Half to death??? Sorry I'm an all or nothing, kind of guy. I am sure there is a way to read this thing.---Being lazy in a 'world-class' fashion; I see there might be some kind of thing going on as you pass to the next level---I just haven't studed it.
Ok--this is what part I get. Each set of lights passes on to another level and 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 lights appear. So you got 4 levels in the first light;---and so on and so on 4 in each level. As soon as you pass the 4 lights-on in each level you start with say 2 lights till you get to 4 then onto the 3rd--3 lights appear till you have passed to 4 lights-on,to start that level. Clear as muddd,a???(I knew I shouldn't have tried to explain this.) This from a guy whom has to look at his liecense to see what his name is.