Replace B&W CDM2 with Aerial 5 for HT?

I'm going to split my current 2-ch/HT combo system into 2 separate systems. I'm running an Aerial CC-3 center speaker and have temporarily substituted B&W CDM-2 monitors as the main L/R speakers, replacing my Aerial 7bs for HT.

Has anyone compared the B&W's with the Aerial 5's? They're both about the same size, but the Aerial's are quite a bit more expensive. I'm thinking they might blend more seamlessly with the CC-3 center from the same manufacturer.

How dynamic are the model 5's, and can they handle high volume levels?

I would stick with the B&W's as they are a more nateral sounding speaker.
You know, neither of those speakers are really dynamic with HT period! the Aerials are even lower sensitivity/more anemic dynamically! Of all the speakers you just mentioned, unless you have a small room, I'd sell the the others, and do 3 CC3's if you must! (set-up standing up!) You'd get much much better dynamics with those Diappolito speakers!..really! Anyway, its a thought.
However, if you absoutely must, you should get a cc3 for the CDM2's if you plan on keeping em..but for dedicated HT, why would you?...they're music speakers!..not HT speakers
Good Luck