Replace Aragon with Mcormack

I am currently using a aragon 4004 amp with a pair of vandersteens 1b.A question I have is with the mccormack dna 05. What should I expect as far as sonics, bass , highs, and all the rest? Any advice as far as replacing the the aragon will be greatly appreicated.
I'm currently researching Aragon 8002 and the new DNA series as well as the 0.5 by McCormack (see my recent posting in "system matching"). also has several users' comments on both models. Although I haven't listened to McC, opinions from others have me leaning this direction. An audition is forthcoming. You'd certainly want to consider Steve McCormack's revisions but most of them have been incorporated in the new models, according to Mr. M. in a phone conversation I had with him recently. Your speakers and source components may also suggest direction for you. Good luck.
Stereophile Guide to Hometheater rates the Mccormack amp for Hometheater AA and they rate the Aragon 8008 AAA. I take this to mean that they consider tha Aragon a better amp. You decide.