Replace Apple TV

I stream from laptop to Apple TV, toslink into reclocker into dac. 

Would like to upgrade SQ. I mostly watch YouTube on the laptop and listen to 

radio stations. Is something like the Lumin U1 Mini, witch accepts AirPlay, the next step?

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Any dedicated player is better than laptop/Apple TV.

Take your pick. No need for Airplay.

I mostly watch YouTube

Actually, the streaming devices such as AppleTV, Roku, Fire, etc. all have an absolutely crappy youtube app.  The resolution is always poor and audio quality is massively compressed.  The superior device to stream Youtube videos into a DAC is always going to be a full blown web browser from a computer (either Apple or PC based).  You should connect the computer directly to the DAC or the reclocker (bypass any AppleTV / Roku / Fire streamer for this).

If you are willing to consider a PC desktop with Windows and an AMD processor, you can look at the JCAT USB card or even a Pink Faun if you want to do S/PDIF directly.


Now if you were just playing music files or streaming from Quboz or something, I'm sure there are many players out there which are better than a desktop/laptop computer.

If I get a dedicated player, with no need for AirPlay, how do I watch the video?

If I get a dedicated player, with no need for AirPlay, how do I watch the video?

You can’t. Dedicated players do not have video output.  Fuzztone did not read your requirement for watching Youtube videos.

So for listening to radio, a dedicated player, and for YouTube viewing, an AppleTv or the like. 

If you read my post above, the Youtube app for streaming devices such as AppleTV is very poor quality.  Video is almost always low resolution and audio is always compressed.  You will ALWAYS get better audio from youtube on a computer web browser.

But if you want to youtube with AppleTV, go for it.

I'm still a little confused. I did read your post. If I place the laptop on my rack and hook usb from it to the DAC I'll have better SQ, understood. No AppleTv involved. With this setup the laptop is not on my lap for viewing. 



I believe JRiver software will play video on your laptop. You can get a free trial with them, too.

  • I believe JRiver software will play video on your laptop. You can get a free trial with them, too.
Thank, I'll give it a shot.

YouTube sounds terrible. If you only watch YouTube or listen to low res online radio stations, save your money on on any streamer.

There are ways to get video from your laptop to a tv and audio from your laptop to an external dac, no need for a streamer, your computer is the streamer.

Also, the statement that a dedicated streamer is better than a dedicated pc/Mac. What is a dedicated streamer? It’s a proprietary piece of hardware, OS, and some software. There are many apps like Roon/pure music/audirvana that equal and surpass an external streamer. 
If you want to improve your sound, stop using USB and get a good dac with i2s or Ethernet 

I have yet to see a YouTube audio that is encoded to something better than 135kbps Opus.

So it is always lossy and with tiny bitrate (Opus 51/61/135kbps and AAC 96/127kbps), even if the clip title says otherwise.

AFAIK there is no way for the uploader to control the sound quality. Whatever original you publish, YouTube will automatically compress it to various resolutions and data rates, to be able to provide image and sound to various network devices and -conditions.
If anyone knows of a source or way to get qualiy audio from YouTube, I would appreciate a hint.
Here is an example of available renderings of a random clip from YouTube, titled "[HQ-FLAC] Madonna - La Isla Bonita"


Bitrates of a YouTube clip
Bitrates of a YouTube clip