Replace Air Tight ATC-2 with Pre having HT bypass

I have been considering replacing my Air Tight ATC preamp with one that has a HT bypass to simply the ergonomics of other family members operating my hybrid stereo/surround system. I have Integra DTC 9.8 pre, McIntosh MC402 amp, VSE Mod 4 Sony 9000, Basis 2001/Graham 2.0/Benz H20, Oppo 980H, AppleTV and Tivo HD sources.
The ATC-2 is a wonderful preamp. I have been looking at other preamps, that would give me the level of performance and also include the HT bypass. I had some initial thoughts about the new Wyred STP-SE...At $1999, the price is great...I have never heard it and would appreciate anyone who has compared the STP-SE to a high end 2 channel pre. Also thinking about McIntosh C2300...heard and read good things about that as well as BAT VK-32SE. I would like the new pre to have a 12V trigger for the HT bypass input.
I would appreciate hearing back from anyone who has gone down this path and ended up with an answer they were satifsfied with in the long term. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences