replace a cd player or replace the speaker first

my cd player is VERY good. I am playing it with a pair of  powered computer speakers in a small room. bass is no problem and (on occasion)great  backroom soundstage. However, it is inconsistent :a little bland and has developed a house sound.  also, The laser is going. I really don't want to burn cd's  but I hear good things about the innuos. How can you upgrade this In a sensible way and if I change anything with the source, how much will of the change will I wind up hearing?  The music is 60-90's rock compilations (instrumentals: ie ventures, shadows, rock ie  hollies ,who,50's r&B ,(not soul)  some modernesque acts in those styles. I also have a old linn tt.

theoriginalthor1? Not theoriginalthor? 
If the laser is going you should replace the CDP!
+1 to replace the CDP, or at least fix the laser