Reparation xv1s

Hi guys.
Yesterday mornig my home assistant was cleaning my stereo ,and.... clean also the stylus of my Dynavector XV1s.
As you Know the politic of Dynavector is recycle the old cartridge and give you a new one , in this case, is about 4800€ or something like. So i need alternative solutions. i have heard something about Sound -Smith, but i don´t know if could do anything with this so expensive catridge. Is there anyone who repaired the cartridge , similar mine, in Sound- Smith?6. Alternatives?..
In addition to Soundsmith you could check with I have had Andy at Phono Cartridge Retipping and Soundsmith both perform work before and have been happy with their work.

There is a company in Europe called Expert Stylus (I think) that does this also. No experience with Expert stylus, but I have read good reviews.
Let me share my experiences with Andy of needle clinic, have repaired /cleaned 3 cartridges for me and he did an excellent job. He may be able to help you, if he replaces cantilevers i do not know but give him a shout.

Needle Clinic, Andy

Best of luck

Soundsmith, Neeleclinic et al will repair your cartridge, but it will not really be a XV1s. Its a bit of a crap shoot. You might like the resulting sound better, or not as much. The only way to get a real XV!s is to get a real one.
I can share with you some experiences with two of the companies named. First is Soundsmith, they installed a new saphire cantilever and their top stylus on my Dynavector XX2MKII cartridge. It came back a much better sounding cartridge than it was when new (to my ears).

Second is Expert Stylus and Cartridge Company, in London. I had them modify a Zu Denon 103R cartridge with their white saphire and Paratrace stylus. It is one of the best sounding cartridges I've heard (it compares very favorably with my friends' XV1S/Triplaner combination).

So, I can heartily recommend both these companies. Since you are in Europe, ESCCO is closer. Either way, it will be a three to four month wait, as both have large backlogs.

Andy is in Seattle (west coast, USA), and may not require such a long wait time.

Good luck, regards,
Dynavector rebuilt my original XV-1 twice. they keep the chassis and basically replace everything else.