Repairs On Higher-End Equipment In Denver Area (Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs)?

Does anyone have any knowledge of someone or some place in the Denver area (Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, etc)  that will work on higher-end equipment?

I know of some that work on smaller stuff (tape decks, receivers, etc), but don't work on bigger amps or more expensive type equipment.


I would like to know too... 
I guess when you live there you can afford new audio equipment. 
Please call Soundings Fine Audio Video and Listen UP Denver and ask them your question.   

Please also call this company:

"Electric City Repair is your local one-stop-shop for anything and everything vintage audio. From McIntosh Amplifiers to Grandfather's Tube Console, we can do everything from minor repairs to full restorations.
Our technicians have had countless years of experience with receivers, tube amps, turntables, reel to reel, cassette decks, and more.

We have dedicated our lives to the lost art of repair and restoration. Always to be used for good and NEVER for evil.

If you also have an appreciation for the quality, style and overall awesomeness of audio equipment made when manufacturers put their very heart and soul into the products they made then this is the place for you".