Repairs for Revox

I have a Revox B77 Mk II.  I have two questions:  (1)  Any recommendations for Revox repair.  This is very heavy, so a place in NJ would be idea--if possible.  (2)  The one item outdated on this is the connectors.  I wanted to do a modification and replace the original RCA connectors (for playback only) with Tiffinay connectors I have.  A friend had this done by a repair place that is no longer in business and I was informed that this is rather difficult to do.  Any thoughts on whether this is a worthwhile modification.
i can help only on the second question, it is worthwhile to replace them, anything would be better as originals are made from tin. It requires some work as a new small plate has to be the support for the new ones, plus new cabling to fit. Change in & out.