Repairs for BMI Virtue Eel Power cable?

Hi All, I have a BMI Virtue eel reference cable that is so old that outer covering has disintegrated, and the inner covering in in the same process. Does anyone know how to get hold of Brian Introcaso, the manufacturer? If not, does anyone know anyone who would put another external sheath cover on it? All replies are appreciated. thanks.
Cheap is to buy some nylon sheath, wrap it around the powercord in a spiral. At each end tie it down with a small Zip Tie. Use a pliers to pull the zip tie tighter than you can with your hand. Then it will stay tight.
Cut off the excess end of the Zip Ties.
I have used Clotheline cotton covered nylon cord spiral wrapped and zip tied on stuff to create a protected surface.
The clothesline is more likely to come off the Zip tie.. So use a few at each end instead of just one (and they should be wider ones too) Using a bit of Glue at the ends will help keep it from rotating those will be under the zip ties so they will not look bad.

If you buy large enough diameter nylon sheath it can just fit right over the plugs.. then zip tie that and trim off the excess after zip tying with a fingernail clipper.

Theses are the two fastest cheap things I can think of.