Repairs by "High Tech Electronics" in NYC

A few years ago I had my Pathos amp repaired by Nick at High Tech Electronics in NYC (apparently he is very well known as the "go-to" guy for Tandberg).

The last I heard that he had moved to Chicago, but when I tried to reach him there I was told he had moved back to NYC. Does anyone know how to reach him? - I have a tube amp in need of repair and he was the best I found.

Barring that, does anyone know of a good place for amplifier repair in the NYC area?
Scott Gramlich of SG Custon Sound in Douglaston, Queens (by the LIRR station) is very good and a nice guy to boot. (718) 224-5083
try analoqique on west 20th street
prices are high but their work is the best
Does Brooklyn qualify? If so try HiEng Repair on Ocean Parkway. I've used him and found he knows what he is doing, and does so at reasonable prices. Aside from running his travel agency, he only does electronic repairs.
Thanks for the help. I've used analogique ni the past (for a Pathos repair) and they did a nice job.
Nick from Hi Tech Electronics is back in NYC. He does all my work as well. Top Notch. His email address is: HTEL56@YAHOO.COM if you need his phone number, email me, and Ill give you that too. Ray
I'd probably go with Scott Gramlich of SG Custon Sound in Douglaston for fixing your speakers.
He builds and repairs hi end speakers.
I have used both High End repair in Brooklyn and Scott from SG Custom Sound, they both do very good work. Scott is closer to me and is an especially nice guy who is fair and very customer service oriented. Over the years he has done several jobs for me, mostly fixing/troubleshooting electronics. I also had him do several upgrades including cd players and electronic well as simple things like add IEC connectors to my CJ monos and change my I/C connectors from XLR to RCA (XLO signature cable = intricate work)...highly recommended...