Repairing/refurbishing Wilson PuppyII Speakers

I have a pair of Wilson Puppy II speakers that were damaged when a guest played the volume too loud at a party. Does anyone know what would be the possible cost of such as repair and/or where I could get them fixed in the USA (preferably New York City area)? Thanks.
Tbloom, try Millersound Labs, 1422 Taylor Road, Lansdale, PA 19446, Phone 215-412-7700. Yeah, I know it’s a haul. I noticed that the foam around the 4 woofers on my Puppy 2s were separating. CSA Audio in Montclair NJ sent the Puppys to their expert repair group. I believe it was MillerSound. The pups came back better than ever. Call them.

Hello, can rewind your speakers to the original parameters.

Second Bill Legall at Miller sound does excellent work, shoot him an email

Best of Luck

I have a friend who did increase the volume on porpuse 20 yrs ago....destroy my speakers too...Sometimes you just have to be calm about it.... at least they are not as expensive as your Wilson...For 20 yrs I never that I let him go to my house....