Repair worth it?

I have two cassette decks: A Nak BX-1 and a JVC KD-75. The Nak Bx-1 was in for repair about a year ago and had work done on the transport mechanism and the solenoid buttons. The KD-75 works, but the heads/electronics could use a good cleaning. Any advice on which unit to repair first? I dont have a huge tape library, but enough to keep the unit around.


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If all the JVC needs is a cleaning and demagnetization, you should be able to find cleaning supplies and a demagnetizer on-line, either NOS here or Ebay or new from some place like Needle Doctor. The Nak is worth fixing, so long as it isn't too much $$$. Neither one of those are big time "classics," so I'd let your budget be your guide first. Good luck & happy listening.
neither one is worth spending money to fix. not high end decks.
Neither worth fixing. Give it up to Goodwill. The only Nak worth fixing is their Dragon model, which is still in demand for about $1K, if in top shape.
"The only Nak worth fixing is their Dragon model..."

Please don't make these statements as someone might believe them. I have owned many of the top Nak models, including the Dragon, CR7A, ZX-9 and RX-505, and while the Dragon is a fine machine, all of them are worth repairing. If you have one of the models mentioned, please let me know before you give it to Goodwill. I can put it to good use!
Don't waste the money on those old decks. If you like your tapes Teac still makes one ( W-890R-B) for $250.
Just to clarify my comment, most old cassette decks are NOT worth the cost of repairing them. Nakamichi is an exception. The higher end Nak decks ($1,200+ in the 80's) are well made and worth repairing. So...if you have a Dragon, CR-7A, ZX-9 or RX-505 that you are about to take to a thrift store, send me an email and I'd be happy to take it off your hands. Also, I'd be happy to accept any old Tandbergs you might have lying around.