Repair Watt Puppy 5.1 Diffraction Pads

For a long time, I have been keeping Watt Puppy 5.1. speaker system. As its owners know, the pads located front baffle which hold the grill getting rotten as time goes by. How can I fix it? Please let me know how to get this diffraction pads. Thanks!
I have replaced many sets of diffraction pads on Wilson speakers. First off, see if you can still purchase a new set from your Wilson dealer. To remove the old ones, you will need to carefully apply and soak the old ones with acetone. Be sure to wear rubber gloves. Once they are fully soaked, you will be able to easily pull them off. Then you can put the new ones on. The speakers will look a lot better. Also, if you don't care to use the open-cell foam grills, you can request that the new diffraction pads come with no velcro. I think they look much better without these velcro strips. I hope this helps.
Have you asked Wilson? That might be the easiest and the best place to start.
I had to remove the foam on W/P 5.1 before, Wilson suggested using Googon and it worked wonderfully. be careful not to get any chemical near the driver, I removed the drivers first to prevent accident. I like the speakers w/o foam, looked much nicer.
Even you DIY. These pads are still very expensive from the dealer $500 for the set! The speakers w/o foam, looked much nicer!