repair to Grace tonearm lift

I recently purchased an AR The Turntable that came with a Grace 707 tonearm installed. As I was cleaning and adjusting everything, I noticed that the tonearm lift (Grace calls it The Arm Director) would simply drop the tonearm down as fast as you moved the lever, without a slow, damped lowering. I took the lift apart (the machining of the parts is exquisite) I tried adding a light machine oil, even fine grease to no effect. Could I have done something wrong upon disassembly? Is it supposed to be run without any lubrication at all? I would greatly appreciate some knowledgeable input to get the lift back to lowering the tonearm down gently, as I'm going to be installing a fully rebuilt Grace F-9 cartridge, and obviously don't want to take the chance of damaging it.
Thanks for your help, Bob
You need to get some very thick Silicon Oil.
Often these devices simply cannot be repaired, at least according to VPI. It's happened to me a couple of times, and the best I can do is adjust the thing so the "drop" is minimal. Good luck.
Dear Bob: You can try to change it:

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