Repair tips for Sony PS X7


I am a novice, and after reading some I thought I'd check out a Sony PS-X7, and bought one that was advertised on Ebay to have a touchy speed control switch for about $125. Turns out touchy means dead. I cleaned the switches, but no go. I am looking to replace the original "feathertouch" switches - actually its a package deal with the speed selector, power, and start/stop switches in one removable section.

As I don't have a user or service manual, I am shooting in the dark, and unfortunately Vinyl Engine doesn't yet have this model in its library. Haven't been able to find one on line. Any ideas?

Any thoughts on my repair options? Aside from scoring another X7, I saw a Sony PS-X5 that had the same arrangement of switches but used more conventional switches. Anyone know if a I can swap out the switches and they'll work on the X7?

Anyone familiar with the X7? Should I chalk it up to a bad decision and move on, or is this table worth investing in to get running?

Other tables I have owned or own now include:

Denon DP 60L, DP 755 (gone)
Dual 1229 (selling)
Kenwood KD 700 (evaluating)
Transcriptors Skeleton (restoring)
Pioneer PL 707 (evaluating)
Nottingham Innerspace (on my main system)

Appreciate all input.

The PSx5 uses a different set of controls than the 7. If you want to swap out try a PSx6, it uses the same touch controls as the 7.

If the speed control is gone, its likely an out of date IC that controls it.

For manuals, check with stereomanuals dot com, I believe they have it.