Repair suspension on B+O MMC2?

I finally got the adapter to use the B+O on standard mount,it sounded very good first try,next morning poor,distorted.The suspension looks damaged as the cantilever leans toward the inside of platter when on record,looks straight at rest.I see an outfit Modular ele repairs for $150.,soundsmith is $295.I might go the $150.Any advise?
Anyone in the household touched it during the night?
Not sure about Modular, but SoundSmith repair will also be an upgrade to your current performance at double price of Modular if you want to take more pricey route.
Playpen, Sorry but pricing seems to have gone up on retips. I would call and discuss repair pricing.
Had my repairs done by Andy at the Needle Clinic in the state of Washington excellent work and an amazing turn around time, less than three weeks, and that includes shipping time. Good Luck
The MMC2 has a sapphire/ruby cantilever (can't remember what they call it; both are the same). If you want to preserve a vestige of its sound, then I think you should go for a Ruby cantilever. If you do so, then I do know SoundSmith can provide that. Can the other re-tippers do Ruby?

I am listening to a Grace Ruby with a fresh re-tip by Ledermann using their $350 ruby cantilever and LC stylus. It's not exactly like the Ruby with its OEM elliptical stylus (I've got one of those too), but it is a bit superior in many ways.
In addition to Acman's reference to Axel Schurholz repair
service I can mention that Axel was (German) importeur of
the B&O brand and still has some parts in his stock. He
also does repair all B&O carts.
Thanks for all the advise.I'm not sure what I'm doing yet,mostly because I never really heard it properly.I'm leaning toward a new Audio technica at440mla for $200.and the stylus will fit my Signet AM50 which needs one .
MMC2 is a great cartridge when properly working. Dare I say it is superior to the AT440MLA. Since you already own the MMC2, the notion that you can renew it for the cost of a new ruby cantilever and LC stylus at SoundSmith ($250 for the basic version) should be tempting.

But it's your cartridge, your money, your choice.