Repair shop in Washington State

I have a nice Sony ES integrated amp that was partially repaired and now functions, but the volume light flashes rapidly between green and red (appears kind of orangish), wish clearly means something is still awry.  A local shop got it this far but wanted a lot to restore it further.  Can anyone recommend a reliable electronic repair shop for vintage electronics?  I do some traveling so most areas in the NW are possibilities but my home location is Spokane (eastern Washington).
Thanks for any advice you have experienced in the area.
Is it just when you adjust the volume, or is it flashing constantly? It could be a feature that makes it easier to see. Do a search on youtube for the same amp. Sometimes people make videos that covers a product in detail.
Echohifi in portland is awesome.
Thanks for the responses, I will have a friend in Portland check out Echohifi.  
This flashing light is not a feature, the normal operation of the amp is the light on the volume knob is red when you turn it on (standby) and then when the delay relay turns on the power to the amp, it turns green.  At present it actually plays normally but that light is clearly flashing green and red rapidly continuously making it look orangish.
I'm not at all sure about the technical ee training, knowledge, and abilities of the young guys at Echo in Portland. Another Portland dealer is Pearl Audio---the sell Magnepan, McIntosh, Ayre, Linn, Rega, and though I have yet to buy from them (I'm fairly new in town), I got a positive impression on my sole visit to the shop.