Repair Shop In VA / Washington DC - Rec Please

I need a recommendation for a repair shop with experience with tube equipment. I live in Richmond but travel to DC often. I know Action Electronics in Williamsburg, VA  is great but he currently has a 3 month wait time. 
Thank you. 
One of the very best repair shops in the DC area, with a good reputation for the whole eastern part of the country is Music Technology, in Springfield Va.  The head honcho, Bill Thalmann is very good with both solid state and tube gear.  
I have not dealt with HiFi Heaven in Falls Church Virginia, but, they too have a good reputation in the area.
+1 for Music Technology.
DejaVu Audio outside of Washington DC is another option.
I have used Pro-tech in Silver Spring MD on a Classe amp.  They are certified for many brands including Mcintosh.
Bill Thalman at Music Technology is the best.

If you are into tube gear, Deja Vu Audio is THE store to visit--they only sell tube amplification (except for trade-in gear).  Much of their amps, linestages, phono stages, some DACs are either built in house or by their own exclusive builders.  This is a place to explore, and the staff is so willing to let you just do that--no pressure for a sale, plenty of time given to explaining what their systems are all about.  

But, I would not go their for a repair at this time.  Unfortunately, one of the builders, and the principal repair person suddenly died last week.  I don't think they can do a fast turnaround on repairs for a while.  The plus side of using Deja Vu for repairs is that you can probably talk them into providing a loaner while the repairs are being made.

 I would go to Bill Thalman myself, but, fast turnaround is not their forte.  They get so much stuff in that it might take some time.
I should have mentioned that this is for a Fisher 800c that I found with all original tubes which I’m trying to keep as original as possible.

thanks for your replies so far! I’m wondering how they compare to Action since all the wait times may be long. 
Your component, being a receiver, might be harder to service than a typical tube component.  Still, three months is a really long time.  I would contact the places mentioned above and describe what you have and what you want done and they might be able to give you an idea of how long it would take.  Tube gear is usually highly repairable (parts remain available, unlike solid state) and most repair places would have the parts in stock.