repair shop in Philadelphia

Can anyone recommend a repair shop around Philly. I have a Linn tuner that doesn't get a signal. Linn says that they don't repair this unit anymore. They said it's probably related to a circuit board, so they sent me the service documentation on the tuner and suggested I bring the tuner and info to a repair shop and that could take care of it. But I don't know first hand of any places around the city.
Give Bob Backert, owner of RHB Sound Design a call. Bob ia a genious and is capable of repairing just about anything electronic. He also performs world class equipment improvement modifications. Bob can be reached at: (215) 355-0529 and his address is: 152 Windsor Drive
Churchville, PA 18966.
It's not a Kremlin, is it? I ask as I would need to know if mine does quit working....
RHB Sound Design is a good recommendation
"Linn says that they don't repair this unit anymore." Huh?
That would certainly discourage me from considering the purchase of any Linn products!
Electronic service center. Located around 20th & Market.
I'll third the Bob Backert recommendation. He does exceptional work.

John used to do great repairs
Backert, Backert, Backert!
Great thanks for the recommendation about Bob. I'll follow up with him.

About Linn service, as far as a I know, they don't service anything that has been out of production for more than six years. This tuner is the Kudos (not Kremlin). It has been out of production for 7 years, so Linn won't even take money to service it. I think this is pretty standard in the business, but maybe some makes are better. I don't know.


I've never heard of a manufacturer than won't fix his own product when you are willing to pay. Parts availability (e.g. laser drives for old cdp) might be another story. Cheers,