Repair service in Southern California

I have an old power amplifier that I hope to get it fixed.
It's the Parlando amp from Audire.
The guy who built this amp does not service any longer due to his age.
So I am looking for someone who can fix this amp.
Oh and I live in Orange county but I can bring it to anywhere in southern California to get it fixed.
Thank you for the info.
I like Tom at Brooks Berdan Ltd. in Monrovia, just East of Pasadena on the 210 Freeway. He’s a great tech, and a swell guy. He's in the shop on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the rest of the week he maintains the electronics at one of the L.A. TV stations.
I will definitely give him a call. Thank you.
Keep us posted on your journey- jkbtn
I tried Tom Carione at Brooks Berdan and two other locations... but none of them was willing to service it. I don't want to move this heavy amp (weighs 90lbs) around just to get it checked. So I may sell it off for parts/repair or scrap metal. Anyhow this amp gave me pleasure for the past 20 years since I bought it from the builder. Not bad. If I get to buy another amp I will probably try to get a newer model, if not brand new.
Hope you find some assistance- jkbtn
try george meyer tv in west l.a. their number is 323820113 or solutions by vermont and sunset 3236664161.
Since you're willing to drive a little, Mike Zuccaro is located in Mira Mesa on the north side of San Diego between the 805 and 15.  He specializes in older gear and has successfully made repairs for me as well as friends. 
If you could contact an old and established audio shop, they may know of someone who's still in business or, if retired, can still fix it. Repairing old audio gear is like repairing old exotic cars: there are still some out there who can do it the right way. A lot of these guys get work by word of mouth.

All the best,
Here's another potential option:

Musical Fidelity
Gary Garfield
Culver City, CA
(310) 558-0037

Gary successfully repaired my ARC D-115B tube amplifier a number of years ago.
Thanks for all the info. Having spent many frustrating months searching for the right one I ended up fixing it myself (replacing two blown resistors and adjusting the trimpot). It now works flawlessly. Hope to enjoy this wonderful Class A amp for many more years!