Repair-Restoration Tech for Vintage Sansui Amps??

Looking for recommendations of reliable Vintage Amplifier repair-restoration specialists-

-specifically with experience on the venerable SANSUI- AU line of amps from the 70's.

Anywhere in US recommendations appreciated,

Thanks much!!
Agon mbr - Ezekiel has a lot of experience repairing, modding vintage gear. He completely recapped/modded my friend's Sansui receiver and aligned the tuner about 5 years ago and it still works perfect today. He's experienced, knowledgable, and honest. A big thumbs up for Ezekiel (Randy Young). Check out his feedback.
Call Bill or e-mail him at I REBUILD

He also handles Sansui and old Pioneers and did incredible work for me!
Good luck

Another option is Electronics Diversified, Inc. in Peoria, IL.
Just be advised to the fact that some series of vintage Sansui amps have issues with the glue that was used to hold the capacitors to the circuit board. That glue, over time, became caustic and started to corrode the leads on the capacitors themselves. It can also damage the traces on the circuit board. If this is one of those amps, it will be necessary to remove all the caps and thoroughly clean the board before the new caps are installed. This is not an inexpensive procedure. Just a heads up.
Not sure where you are located but there is a former certified Sansui tech in Verona, WI. I don't think he deals with shipping though...
George Meyer TV & Stereo in Santa Monica, CA.
I have used Hamad at Amplifier Surgery with excellent results. Reasonably priced and quick turn times. He can be contacted at:
I had A vintage au 717 sansui amp. Had a problem with the servo start up function . Tried to get it fixed locally but no one could fix it after 3 months of trying .

Called Terry Dewick of vintage amp repair . He does alot of mac repair and warranty . My amp was restored and at a very reasonable cost .
I know Terry Dewick in Tennesse is known for modifying and fixing Sansui and all vintage receivers, amps and tuners from the 70s. Just google Terry Dewick Sansui
Here's his website.
Terry Dewick is awesome and knows his stuff!
I also vouch for Terry Dewick.
I had a broken Kenwood KR-7050 receiver from the late 70s.
The tuner and Amp needed to be fixed.
The receiver is really well built and I wanted to see if it could be fixed.
I shipped it to Terry like 5 years ago and when the Kenwood receiver came back to me, it sounded great.
Terry fixed everything.
Old thread but Soundsmith's Peter Ledermann. He engineers parts and does repairs for Tandberg. Manufactures the famous Soundsmith MI cartridges. Lists  all the manufacturers he services and gives a 1 year warranty.
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