Repair or Replace Von Schweikert VS/1 Sub

I have had a VSA VS/1 sub in my system for 8 years and have absolutely loved it the entire time. I use it as a HT sub only but I do listen to a lot of concert DVDs so whatever I do, I would like to make sure it is musical.

Unfortunately the amp went out and it will be about $300 to repair it by VSA. I was wondering if this would be an opportunity to put a few hundred with it and get a new or used subwoofer that would be an upgrade. I was thinking of something from REL or maybe a Vandersteen 2QW. For $300, fixing the VS/1 sub is a no brainer either way I guess.
I'm just guessing here, but I would think $300 spent to repair a sub you "have absolutely loved" is money better spent than $500+ on a used sub which you may or may not absolutely love.
i agree with kgturner--$300 to fix a sub you love seems to make sense. a good "musical" sub like rel or svs will probably cost you $500-700 used, so you're still ahead of the game
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Check out this place -

They claim to repair VR-S/1 amp modules for $159
Thanks Phokus, I bought the new amp and put it in myself a while back and everything is back to good. Only issue is that the new module does not support the front light anymore. I also had to modify the inner lip of the cabinet to get it to fit properly (which VSA had warned me about). I probably would have gone the $159 route had I known.