Repair or replace Sony s300

I love the sound and picture but it is starting to not read rentals unless perfectly clean. Can it be repaired and/or is it worth it?
If not which model of Sony or Denon would sound and look as good under 400$
Thanks, Ed
If you really want to repair it, you can contact Sony Service directly and they will give you a fixed price quote. Don't take it to a Sony authorized service center as they can charge you whatever they want.

However, I would suggest that you simply replace it. Nearly any modern day DVD player will probably outperform it for video and audio.

The S300 did not have progressive scan, right? Do you have a high def. TV? Either way, the new DVD players should look very good. You can get the universally praised Oppo 971 for $199 direct from Oppo, or you can get it sibling, Oppo 970 for $149 (I think that's correct). These players have received very high praise from almost everyone. My father-in-law has the 971 and it looks great on his 65" hi-def TV.


Thanks Reubent. No progressive scan and yes I have a 65" Mitsubishi with DVI input. I think I will try the Oppo 971 but I am concerned that it will not sound as good as the Sony.

Thanks again, Ed

The Oppo 971 would be the perfect DVD player for video connected to the DVI input on the Mitsu. I think the audio is pretty good too. If you are more concerned about the audio, the Oppo 970 is supposedly sounds a bit better, but is not quite as good for video.

Either way, you should be in good shape. The Oppos are hugely popular and you could re-sell one for only about $30-40 dollar loss if you don't love it. You may find that it is so good that you just keep it till it dies.

BTW, are you using it for movies only or is it also your primary music player?


Before dumping the Sony you might pop the top off and check the transport and clean the laser lens with some compressed air. It's a straightforward process; be gentle though and good luck.
I have a sony s300 up in my attic I could not get myself to throw away when It stopped working.

I thought of fixing it myself cause I had a friend that bought the same one and if one breaks down maybe one will fix the other.

Either way, I replaced mine with the highly praised panasonic rp 56 that broke down to replace with the rp 91 to finally get the arcam diva player.

The two panasonics and arcam where much better in the video.