Repair or Replace my JM Labs Micron Carats

I have a pair of Micron Carat Ti speakers and one of the woofers has gone. A new woofer is $200.

Do you think it's wise to repair the dead one or replace with something else - I doubt I could spend more than $800-$1000. Below is a list of what my local guy carries that might fit my budget.

Anthony Gallo - A'diva Ti
EPOS - Epic 2 or Elan 10
PSB - Imagine Mini or maybe Imagine B.
Quad - 11L
Revel - Concerta M12
Totem - Mite

The rest of the system is a Creek 4330 Integrated Amp, Rotel RCD-02 CD player, Wavelength Proton USB DAC.
Anyone? FWIW, I listen to a wide range of music except pretty much no heavy metal. I like the Micron Carats but would love a bit more base punch but realize I won't be getting a whole lot of that in bookself speakers; which is pretty much the only choice my decorator (read wife) will allow.
I should also add that I have Energy Veritas V1.0 CM speakers in my kitchen ceiling and they're much focused on the highs (I guess what's referred to as bright) for my taste. I prefer something more in range with the Carats.
If your looking for more bass or fuller sounding speakers, you might as well fix the woofer, and get a subwoofer. That's what a lot of people with bookshelf speakers do. I am personally not a great advocate of subwoofers, thus I leave it to others who use them to guide you.
The best and most legit way to select a different speaker is to audition them. If your local store has these choices in stock, why not try them? I might have misunderstood your post.
Thanks Mechans. He typically carries higher end components and wouldn't have most of those in stock. Last time I was in the store to buy the DAC I only saw a couple of bookshelf speakers on display (I don't know what).

Before going to audition what he does have, I was looking for guidance on which of those might be ones that I should ask him to also bring in so that I could audition them.

Sorry for not being more clear to begin with.
I used to build speakers in the 90s using focal, seas, audax, etc... I remember the focal as being dry sounding, not much upper-bass when compared to seas drivers in the same box.
Therefore, my vote would go for the psb...
or maybe someone like zalytron can get you the driver for far less than $200.
I would definetely keep the boxes, keep the tweeters, and have zalytron design a nice x-over with new woofers... worth checking into it imho; you could update your micron with a super kit for less money than if you would buy a new pair.
Thanks Chrisr. I hadn't thought about going the modify route but that's an excellent suggestion. I'll send zylatron an email. My only concern there would be not being able to audition.
Based on what I've been reading in my review search, I'm also going to add the Focal Chorus 807V to the list of considerations although it will mean I have to travel a bit to find them; unless my dealer decides he wants to get them for me as he doesn't normally carry Focal.
Now I had a whole other idea - fix the one woofer and buy a new Arcam FMJ P38 Amp that I can connect to the Creek to give me a much more powerful amp which might draw better performance out of the Micron Carats and also afford more options for speakers in the future.

What do you all think of this idea?