repair or replace Accuphase DP-75V after 15 years

My Accuphase DP-75V has performed very well for 15 years, and still is performing well, except that on the rare occasions when it's power cycled, it may refuse to read discs until it's been re-power-cycled a few times. I expect that at some point, repeated power cycling won't help.

Accuphase USA can repair it for around $750. But maybe digital reproduction has advanced over the last 15 years so that I can get a better sounding new CD player for, say, $2500. (I stopped reading about audio when I decided I was happy with my system, back around 2001.)

I'd appreciate perspectives on whether I should repair or replace, and if it's replace, what I might replace it with. I'm not going to spend what it would take to get Accuphase's current offering in the DP-75V class.

The system includes Wisdom speakers, Gamut treble amp, Bryston bass amp, and Ridge Street cables. No preamp.
First off, great system. I really like the dp75 and think it's still a very nice player. Talk to someone that can tell you what drive is in it and start looking for one. Maybe $250 at the most. Then you have an item to sell for good money if you want to make a move.
I would go and audition a CD player in your price range and see what your ears tell you. Digital replay has come a long way since 2001.
I'm sorry, if Accuphase USA quoted $750 to repair the unit, what did they say was wrong with it?

I do know that some older cd players sometimes have trouble synching and tracking some newer cd recordings. If that is the case, I don't know exactly what Accuphase can do to fix that short of selling you a new cd player.

You may want to try to clean the laser lens before you send it in for an unnecessary repair.

The ~$750 quote is based on an assumption that the laser needs to be replaced. The repair would also include a new belt and new lamps. As it was explained to me, the laser has an expected life somewhat shorter than 15 years.

But cleaning the laser sounds like something I can do myself. Thanks!
I recently sold that very unit for a deceased friend's estate (you can look up his comments here on agon under fatparrot) . This is a FABULOUS unit! It sounded great in my system and I would have kept it, except I'm happy with my Wadia gear, so . . .

The DP-75V is not just a "CD player", it's really two separate units on one chassis -- a CD transport and a multifunction digital processor, much more powerful and versatile than the usual "DAC" which is part of a "player".

I had a tech friend replace the tray dive belt (which was slipping a bit) and clean the front display panel and laser before I sold it (cost me $25). Except for the fact that it won't play SACD's, this unit is WAY AHEAD of anything you could replace it with today for under MSRP $15,000! So for a $750 service charge, including a NEW LASER, don't hesitate to have Accuphase do the work (which carries a warranty) and keep it forever!
Nsgarch- I'm sorry for your loss. Hadn't seen any comments from Fatparrot lately; now I know why. Seemed like a good guy.
Thanks, Nsgarch. I'll send the player to Accuphase.