Repair or Replace ???

My cd/dvd player built in 2005 just quit. I enjoyed the Cd sound very much-detailed and dynamic. Oppo 105 Darbee has rave reviews. Is its Cd sound equal to say a top line player, Esoteric, Levinson from say 2007? I want at least that quality Cd sound.
Perhaps it is worth fixing if you enjoyed the sound? I had Cambridge Audio player that over years lost most of the felt on the ring that squeezes CD down. Something like that should be easy to fix. Recently my MacMini stopped reading CDs. Using "cleaning CD" didn't help, so I opened it and cleaned lens with Qtip and Isopropyl alcohol - it works fine now. Putting a little of oil on the gears might also help. I assume that it is (as usually is) mechanical failure and electronics is OK.
Vinyl players are more reliable.
Have 4x Technics 1200(DJ use)
1 Empire 698 since 80's and Michell Gyro SE since 2001.
All of them woik like nu.

Meanwhile changed CD-players many times for various reasons and quitting reading or jumping isn't out of that list. After Q-tip wiping and blowing the dust out of mechanizm it worked for a while but than again same story after a few months.

Clean it wipe it, make sure it works than sell it as-is with disclosure. That was my game. Another reason formats are always changing and you want to use the best with corresponding player capable to play specific format.

Out of my record/book/cd/media store shelves with CDs are slowly being depleted as more and more space is needed for vinyl due to the demand.
Czarivey, you might be right - my brother has vertical Technics turntable that works flawlessly for about 40 years.
Your brother is very lucky. I get them to my store from customers with tough problems such as blown photo-diode which is basically a sensor to position tonearm. That part now is irreplaceable in vast majority of vertical TT. Once it happens the only cure is to replace the tonearm system and lay it horizontally.
Once again, is the CD sound from the OPPO 105 "as good as" say
a very good Mark Levinson or Esoteric from SAY 2006??
Ok, again. Does the new Oppo 105 Darbee sound as good as a hi-end levinson or Esoteric from say 2008? Please?
Your expectation might be skewed I sim i5.3 is on the fritz and they don't seem to be in any hurry to help me get fixed...Sorry I don't have any experience to your specific players,but I did replace it with the 105d...

I have had that (sim) player for 7 years and really got comfortable with the house sim you are w/what ever your player was...

I believe you shouldn't expect it to sound like anything other than an oppo 105d...saying is not as over emphasized on any of the frequency extreems/...neutral fits this player.

There are so many pluses to this player over my sim (detail,strings,ect) cant be justified...It does sound decent in my system and that's all that matters...and is upgradable as you are surely aware...A lot of retailers offer 30-60 return?...I hope this helps.

the Oppo is only as good as its price-point (non-modded).
There is no way it could compete w/ a Levinson nor Esoteric
at x3-4 the cost. Ultimately, get one and try it in your system, no harm in that, and eval how it performs.

I will give props to the Oppo because it is a true "universal" machine. It is not expected to get all of those physical formats absolutely "right".

As a purist, I prefer several machines (CD/SACD, DVD/BR) to get my physical media "right". If you are on a budget or simply prefer 1-stop shopping, then the Oppo could be your next spinner. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
It did take me over 400 hrs of solid burnin to get er right though...fwiw...
I think you have to divide it into two components, the transport and the DAC. I had the 95, and certainly preferred my Simaudio Moon Nova to the Oppo, but it was close. I now have a combination of a 103 and a Audio-gd Master 7 DAC. I still prefer the Nova, but the difference is marginal. I suspect that the narrowing of the gap is that I prefer the 1704 DAC's of the Nova and the Master 7.

You might want to try out the 105. If you don't like it, the resale value is pretty good.
Hi Jafant. Did you note I said from 2008, that's 7 years ago.Tks
I have a Simaudio Eclipse, and it really sounded good. Transport broke and cost only? $1160 incl shipping both ways. The player was about $5500 new in late 2002, really high build quality. I am thinking of the oppo BD105d but I think the CD section will be inferior to the Eclipse. BUT I will have some functionality I did not have earlier. I would like to play youtube on my system, but I don't know if the oppo will let me do that. Thanks!
Maybe I should have reworded my question. I have Sim Eclipse and Andromeda. Here's the thing. What do people do with EXPENSIVE CD players when they are over 10 years old and break. It will cost about 20% of the price when new ($1160). You could say just trash it, as it served its life, and I have a better one anyway. But it is nice having backup. Trashed worth zero. Fix and worth maybe 2k or less I suppose.

You could generalize, and say what do you do with an old ARC SP11 (very expensive when it came out), Levinson 30/31 (assuming its fixable) etc. trash or fix.

Thanks. Bill
Yes it is nice to have back up and yes it wont be the transport of your moon pieces...

As told to me by a sim body is in the transport business anymore so...getting things fixed in increasingly difficult.

I have an oppo 105d as of late...does it sound as good as my sim i5.3?...I like the oppo "better" in some areas...every player is going to sound different from one another...This holds it's own though...very well in fact.

I don't think people should compare the oppo with these thousands of dollar is what oppo does sound very good (I too was skeptical) for even a multi player and I feel people shouldnt poo poo it until they have real life experience with it perfect?...probably not... but for what it is and what im's definatly competition.

Sorry ptss I don't have your answer...wish I did.Esoteric is a wonderfull piece and I wish I could pull the trigger on a high dollar player again...I wanted to delve into the "sub" $ arena and see just what is available.
Thanks Digsmithd. Pete